2-year limit for backlog papers in UG, PG courses?

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Like choice based credit system, 2-year limit for backlog papers has been introduced for UG and PG courses across all the universities.

Now all the undergraduate and postgraduate students across all the universities o country will get only two years to clear their backlog examinations. UCG(The University Grants Commission) issued guidelines for all the universities to effect these guidelines uniformly for graduate and post graduate programs.

It is also said that higher education institutions and all the universities of country are not expected to set different time spans for students to complete their degree. (Source: Times of India)

The guidelines clearly said that such students who are pursuing their 3 year graduation will give maximum 5 years time to clear their backlogs (3 years program + 2 years grace period) similarly such students who are pursuing 4 or 5 years graduation courses like engineering, medical and law will get 2 more years to clear their backlogs, leading to award of degree.

Similarly, such students who are pursuing their post graduation will also give only two years time span to clear their backlog.

Jaspal S Sandhu, UGC secretary in a letter to vice-chancellors of all the universities of country has asked to adopt these guidelines. He also said that these guidelines are certainly a good step towards delivering quality education to the students of country. However the education and legal consultant ‘Ravi Bharadwaj’ said, we are waiting for the reactions of universities on this. He further added that these guidelines are subject to regulations of universities and statutory bodies and hence their might be chances that these guidelines may be recommendatory not mandatory. There is also no clarity about whether these guidelines will be applicable to the distance education or not.

However same as choice – based credit system these guidelines are also necessary from academic point of view this will further increase the education quality of country. The main reason behind this initiative is, such students who have completed their graduation or masters with longer grace period usually deprive of skills and knowledge.

The guidelines also accommodate such cases where a student with exceptional situation will give a privilege from education institution and the grace period will extent to one more year but during this one year that student will be considered as private student and s/he will not be eligible for the ranking.

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