Tips to crack group discussion

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Group Discussion is carried out to check the interactive skills. It checks how you behave with others, how well you participate as a team, how much you listen to others and how open minded you are to accept the views that are opposite to your views.

There are some tips to handle the group discussion. They are discussed below:

General awareness: The knowledge of what is happening around would help you to relate to the topic as an example and would not keep you short of words. It will help you create interesting and valid points.

Analyzing and effective speaking: Understand the topic, analyze it mentally before speaking. In your mind make a plot of what all relevant you have to speak. Be crisp, to the point and keep your points with an example to depart a better understanding. Effective communication consists of six C’s. They are Clarity, Completeness, Conciseness, Confidence, Correctness and Courtesy.

Maintaining eye contact: Maintain an eye contact with everyone in the group. Don’t stick on one person. Be responsive to everyone. Behave in an open minded manner and don’t allow others to change your own ideas.

Try to initiate the discussion: It is considered good to start the discussion. It is not important but it creates a positive look in every one’s mind. But, do remember to give time to others. Be a good listener at the same time.

Cooperation: Be cooperative. Don’t create a fight. Don’t keep a negative attitude. Listen to all the criticisms and give a thought and then try to defend yourself. Try to be a leader, try to inspire others and carry the team along so as to achieve the objective of the discussion.

Dressing formally: Dress yourself in a decent and smart manner.  It creates a positive attitude on people who are evaluating. Don’t dress up fancy and funny.

Don’t go in too many details: Be short and crisp. Try to stick to the point and don’t beat the bush. No need to give references and figures. Try to convey your thoughts in simple and short language.

Don’t overuse your hands: Don’t overuse your body language. Don’t use your hands too much. Don’t make too much facial expressions. Smile slightly, be calm and patient. Make your expressions in a way to show that you are very confident.

Time management: Manage time don’t over speak. Try to end you views before the time gets over.

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